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The average retail weight for Kingsmeade Cheese portions is 140gms (this is the minimum weight - you may get slightly more as we cut all our cheese by hand), with the exception of the Akitio Robiolino which is 100gms and the Ngawi Brie which is 220-250gms. This is the perfect size for gifts, snacks, platters and parties.

You can use the secure shopping cart function below to order these: just click on the cheese(s) you desire, click 'add to cart', you will be prompted to put in your details, and you can pay securely by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

We ship all over New Zealand, and the freight/packaging will be added to your order (unless you live in Masterton, in which case Janet will cheerfully deliver to you for FREE).

For orders of more than 10kgs, or if you'd prefer larger sizes of cheese, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you, or feel free to give us a call on +64 6377 5252.

Thank you and enjoy your cheese shopping!

Kingsmeade Artisan Cheese
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