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Since 1998, artisan cheese makers Miles and Janet King have quietly created a broad range of supreme ewe and cow's milk cheeses on their idyllic 30-acre farm on the outskirts of Masterton, New Zealand.


Kingsmeade started out making ewe’s milk cheeses with milk from their own flock of East Friesian sheep. Clover, chicory, plantain and lucerne cover broad, green meadows. The sheep are big, contented and full of personality – no need to round them up at milking time, they hear Miles’ voice and come on their own.

After years of hands on care, meticulous records and genetic studies, Miles' flock has developed into New Zealand's first registered sheep milking breed - Dairymeade.

Today, Kingsmeade makes nine different varieties of cheese, most from ewe's milk and some from cow's. All are uniquely hand crafted, ranging from aged hard varieties to deliciously creamy.

Calm and quietly spoken, Miles is hands-on from the first steamy breath of the newborn lambs to the daily milking, cheesemaking, cutting and packaging. Each batch of cheese is hand made in the factory on the farm, right next to the family home. Janet runs the distribution, cheerfully dispatching orders all over New Zealand.